Athlete-Celebrity Doppelgangers

They always say that no two snowflakes are alike.  Well, the same doesn’t go for these athletes and their celebrity doppelgangers.


Shane Victorino – Keegan-Michael Key

Shane VictorinoKeegan Michael Key








Homer Bailey – Christian Bale

Homer BaileyChristian Bale









Raul Ibanez – Tom Morello

Raul Ibanez Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "Real Steel" - Red Carpet










Tony Wroten – Donald Glover

Tony Wroten Donald Glover









Chandler Parsons – Robin Thicke

NBA: Houston Rockets at Sacramento Kings Robin Thicke









Kyle Korver – Ashton Kutcher

Cleveland Cavaliers v Atlanta Hawks

Ashton Kutcher

Steven Adams – Tom Selleck

Steven Adams MustacheTom Selleck









Chris Bosh – Snoop

Chris Bosh Snoop Dogg.








Lance Stephenson – Kevin Hart

Lance Stephenson

Kevin Hart







Ersan Ilyasova – James Franco

Ersan Ilyasova James Franco










Alex Smith – Ryan Gosling

Alex Smith Ryan Gosling








C.J. Spiller – Diddy

CJ Spiller 2004 CFDA Awards









Sam Shields – Nick Cannon

Sam Shields Nick Cannon









Aaron Rodgers – Jake Gyllenhaal – B.J. Novak

Aaron Rodgers Jake Gyllenhaal BJ Novak








 Bonus – Athlete-Athlete Lookalikes

Miles Austin – Alex Rodruiguez

Miles Austin Alex Rodriguez









Jimmy Butler – Demaryius Thomas

Jimmy Butler Demaryius Thomas









Eli Manning – Michael Phelps

Eli Manning Michael Phelps







Jarret Johnson – Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jarret Johnson Stone Cold Steve Austin







Double Bonus – Coach Lookalikes

Mike Tomlin – Omar Epps

Mike Tomlin Omar Epps







Mike Smith – Steve Martin

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Steve Martin







Super Bonus – See For Yourself

Adam Silver – Man from American Gothic

Adam Silver American Gothic









Adam LaRoche – Bert from Sesame Street

Washington Nationals Photo Day Bert








Jayson Werth – Angry Jesus

Jayson Werth Jesus








David Ortiz – Esther Rolle

David Ortiz Esther Rolle


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