Dance-Off: A Collection of Great NFL Celebrations

I’ll be doing a bit of traveling, so I most likely won’t be posting as much as usual becaue it may be a bit difficult.  I thought I’d leave you with a nice little treat to hold you over.  It’s the holiday season, so why not celebrate by appreciating some great dancing done by NFL players in their celebrations?  If you’re looking for some new moves, look no further than:

The Salsa

Salsa Dance

Victor Cruz is always up for a little dancing.  He pays a nice homage to his heritage every time he hits paydirt with his signature Salsa celebration.

The Gangnam Style

Gangnam StyleGangnam Style 2Gangnam Style 3Gangnam Style 4

When this song came out a few years ago, lots of players adopted the iconic dance and brought it to an entirely new stage.

The “It’s All in the Hips”

It's All in the Hips

Bring it arrooooound town.  Bring it arooooound town.  Spongebob would be proud.

The Carlton

The Carlton

Always a classic.

The Full-Team Swag

Team Effort

One player starts, then everybody gets in on the fun.  Try it with your friends!

The Flying-Knee-Kick-and-Point

First Down!

Danny Woodhead may be the smallest football player ever.  That makes this image even funnier.  He looks like a leaping Hobbit.

The “Wrong Sport, Bro”

Wrong Sport

I think Vernon Davis is confused.  He thinks he’s playing basketball.  He also thinks that the goalpost is a hoop.  Weird.

The Bye Bye Bye

Joseph Fauria Bye Bye Bye

Joseph Fauria broke it down old school and brought us all back to the glory days of boy bands.

The ACL-Buster

ACL Tearer 2 ACL Tearer 1





Yes, each of these players did actually tear his ACL after doing the same exact celebration in subsequent weeks.

The Heads Up

Heads Up!

Come on, man.

The Confetti Angel

Confetti Angel

It’s like a snow angel, but less cold and more colorful!


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